The Installation

1: Buy a kirby-licence and do a "clean install".

2: Download pathum.

3: Throw the files on your kirby-system. That's it!

The Examples

I called the new templates project.php and projects.php to make sure that it's working with the example-content from a clean kirby-install. Just rename them how you want to.

I added a new page to content/02-projects/04-project-d. It's called "Project D", and shows you how regular HTML-Elements look like.

btw: The theme was originally developed for a conference-like event called "Pathcamp". So, at you have another theme-example.

The SASS-Styles

...depends on demand. Don't hesitate to ask for it!

The CSS-Styles

If you decide to include another font than the default, you should remove or replace the font-link in site/snippets/header.php.

The Panel

You can use the Kirby Panel right away. No theme-specific configuration needed.

The Licence

You are absolutely free to edit the whole theme like you need it. But i'd appriciate to see a Link to at your footer, or at the very least at your imprint/contact page.

Updates about this theme

Check #pxwrkpathum on Twitter.

Questions / Ideas / Bug reports?

Send a message via via Twitter or Email!